“I paint when I am in a constant state of flux or in those deeper and darker moments. I find that painting has a therapeutic quality that provides a great deal of clarity in an otherwise burgeoning mesh of confusion.”


Ekom Mamik’s (b. 1988) formative years were spent divided between the tea estates at the foothills of Darjeeling in India and the Lawrence School, Lovedale, a boarding school in the south of India, which she began attending at the age of nine. She worked in the corporate sector for half a decade before trading in the confines of a rigorous office job to travel, discover and rediscover.

Ekom has always been intensely attracted to art as a medium of learning and expression, creating and recreating pieces over time. Although she has no formal training as a painter, art has served as an enduring outlet for her creativity. Her chosen medium is oil on canvas. This website showcases a carefully curated introduction to some of her works.